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Hello, my name is Tracy Mosicki and I am a retired elementary school teacher who has always loved to travel. Exploring this beautiful world has always been a passion of mine and is something I think everyone should enjoy. I love the planning of vacations almost as much as the holidays themselves. Finding great deals and exploring new destinations is super fun and so great when you find that great deal! It has brought me relaxation, wonderful well needed re-sets, and a closer bond everyone I have traveled with.

So far, I have traveled all over Mexico, Cuba, the Hawaiian Islands, Jamaica, Vegas, Disneyland, and enjoyed a cruise through the southern Caribbean. I have enjoyed these holidays with family, children, couples, my own romantic getaways and of course, many girls' trips!!

Let me help you plan your next amazing journey and find that amazing travel deal without the stress.

And remember,
Everywhere You GO, GOwithHIPPO Travel!"