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My name is Mary Beth Buchanan and I am the founder and Chief Travel Officer (CTO) of GOwithHIPPO Travel.  


Why GOwithHIPPO Travel?  Because I wanted something that was catchy, something that people would remember.  Everywhere you go, GOwithHIPPO became that phrase that sticks in people's heads. 


GOwithHIPPO Travel has over 25 years of experience in the travel industry, and we work from our offices, on the road, on cruise ships, at resorts, and even from Disney!!

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.. because how good is a travel professional who doesn't travel? 


GOwithHIPPO Travel is all about You. 

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Some agencies offer 100% commissions. Why is yours only 70% ?


Many agencies will say that they offer 100% commissions. The question you have to ask is 100% of WHAT? 


For example, an agency might get 10% commission from Sunwing but they have a set 5% rate that they pay to agents. So that agency can technically tell you that they're ALWAYS paying you 100% of the 5% that you earn, but they don't tell you that they're also getting 5%.  Essentially in this scenario, you're only earning 50% commission.  


At GOwithHIPPO, we are completely transparent with our Travel Professionals.  We pay 70/30 split of the 100% commission that we receive from the supplier.  No hidden percentages, no undisclosed amounts. Integrity matters!

Why do you run a Financial & Criminal background check

We run a Criminal Background check because we are dealing with client's credit cards and we want to do our due diligence that we as an agency are trustworthy and that their information is kept safe.


We run a financial check because we have a monthly fee and it gives us a picture of how you pay your regular bills. This will not impact your credit in any way and is solely used for the purpose of ensuring that you're a good fit for the HERD, this information is not shared or given to anyone outside the onboarding team.

What does my HIPPOfee cover

Your HAF (Hippo Access Fee) helps to cover the costs of being an agent with GOwithHIPPO.  This includes but is not limited to, your email address, phone ext, supplier logins, etc). Basically, the tools that are required to be an agent whether you sell anything or not.

Why do I need to pay HIPPOfees AND pay 30% of my commissions

As mentioned above, your HIPPOfees just cover the tools that you use to be an agent and are the same monthly for the agency whether you sell anything or not. The 30% commissions goes towards all of the support that we as an agency provide.  This includes but is not limited to all of the admin work that is required to support the agents in the agency.

What tools or materials do I need?

You can have a success travel business with only a few tools at your disposal. We recommend at least the following:


1) A cellphone

2) A smart device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc)

3) A high speed internet connection

4) Social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc)

Do I need experience?


The simple answer is NO! We provide all of the support and training that you need to get you going. 


Helpful skills are:

- Love of travel

- Love of planning

- A desire to help people

- A desire to learn

- Good networking skills


How do I access training?


Training is self-directed. Training takes place in a number of ways:


1) We offer training on our Agent only backend of our site. Once you are logged in, you should see a "HIPPO" menu option appear in the navigation. Access will be granted once you are accepted as an agent.


2) Many of our suppliers also offer free training programs/courses.


3) The Watering Hole is also a great resource to learn, ask questions and encourage one another. You will receive an invite once accepted.


4) Lastly, reach out to Mary Beth and/or our support team for help and support.

Will I be provided leads?

Currently, we do not have a regular leads generating program that we offer to agents. Due to the way that we've structured our company, the business is largely about your connections, your network and the effort that you put in.  When we have organic leads come into the agency, we do our best to distribute them evenly and fairly but they are not guaranteed and should not be looked at as your major source of clientele.

Are there any mandatory courses that I have to take separately to become a Travel Professional

Currently, only Ontario has a mandatory requirement for all Travel Professionals that sell within their province.  There is a regulatory board called TICO that requires you to take a course and be certified in order to sell travel.  The cost to do so is separate from your HIPPO fees.  If you are an agent based in Ontario, this will be an additional expense. If you are based outside of Ontario, there are currently no other MANDATORY fees. More information can be found here:


An OPTIONAL example is if you would like to get licensed to sell Travel Insurance within your province. This is something that we suggest as a good option as you're going to get the highest commissions on insurance out of all of our suppliers but it's not something that you have to do.  We as an agency would need to sponsor you to become insured with our supplier, ManuLife, but in addition to that, each province has it's own regulatory board and standards for becoming licensed as an insurance agent. We can give you some direction on how to get started but any costs associated with doing so would be additional to you as a business owner.

Everywhere you GO, GOwithHIPPO Travel!