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Mikayla Giammaria - Bridgewater, Nova Scotia


My name is Mikayla Giammaria.

Traveling truly has been my passion for a while now but Disney is where my heart is.

Having been to Disney World multiple times, I believe it's the perfect location for all ages and never fails to amaze me!

Whether you're planning a big Disney trip or a small staycation I am here to help!

 I'm excited to get you on your dream vacation on your dream budget!

And remember,
Everywhere You GO, GOwithHIPPO Travel!"



Customer Reviews

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Will DEFINITELY book again

We are just heading home from our dream Disney vacation, thanks to Mikayla, we had no worries she took care of EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING!!!

She was easy to talk to, kind, caring and very patient with me and my family.
She checked on us during the trip to make sure everything was going smoothly, she answered all of my many questions (there was a lot, lol)

We will definitely be booking again, and I would choose her every single time!

Tell all your family and friends to choose Mikayla she is truly the very best!

We cannot thank you enough Mikayla, you went above and beyond , you made our dreams come true 🩷🩷🩷

Best Travel Agent I've Ever Worked With

Mikayla was quite literally the best travel agent I've booked a vacation with. I was surprised with plans to go to Disney for my 25th birthday and was quickly overwhelmed by all the steps to booking a perfect trip! I've been burned by travel agents in the past which made me hesitant to try again but Mikayla was able to make this trip seem so simple and easy! She helped me plan out the best days to go, helped me figure out what I truly wanted to see and do, and helped me book the tickets. I never thought I'd get to go to Disney because it seemed so expensive and unattainable but with Mikayla's help, I was able to create a plan that meant doing the most stuff with the smallest budget! She truly is amazing.