Lynda Pottie - Herring Cove, NS

Travel has always been a passion of began with summer family trips as a child throughout North America, a trans-Atlantic cruise and touring around England and Scotland.

As an adult I have expanded my travels to include Canada from coast to coast and much of the US .... climbing the Empire State Building in New York, shopping on Rodeo Drive in California, seeing dancing fountains in Las Vegas and meeting Mickey and his friends at his home in Florida.

The Caribbean has allowed me to snorkel in Cuba and stroll through Havana, para-sail over the beaches of The Dominican Republic, horseback ride on a beach and climb UP a waterfall in Jamaica, swim in an underground cave in Mexico and play with sea turtles in Barbados.

I have also been on several cruises all throughout the Caribbean, enjoying many islands, seeing their beauty and learning about their cultures.

Then there was Alaska….. a glass dome train ride through the mountains and a cruise that took us so close to a calving glacier we could feel its spray.

Another amazing trip was a River Cruise on the Danube. Visiting historical sites, standing in awe of ancient castles, meeting the local people and enjoying their hospitality, all made for an unforgettable experience.

Travel offers you so much .... new adventures, experiencing local foods and drinks, learning new cultures, languages and meeting new people, making life-long friendships.

It's a great big world out there and I would love to help you build your own lasting memories with your family, create an unforgettable honeymoon or maybe just help get you to that business meeting on time!

At Go with HIPPO, you can depend on myself and our GOwithHIPPO Team of Travel Professionals to provide you with personalized service and take all the worry out of your travel.

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