Lisa Bond, Go With Hippo Travel Agent, GO with HIPPO Travel

Lisa Bond - Lacombe, AB

"I believe that traveling is one of life’s greatest opportunities! We can learn history, culture, arts, finances and more a handful of ways every time you travel.

You’ll find few things in life that are as rewarding emotionally and mentally as traveling!
Whether you go alone, as a couple, friends or family,

I’ve got you covered from here to there.
I am a wife and mother who is used to working with all family and group sizes, planning around work schedules and rotations, planning simple and complex vacations and showing anyone that you don’t have to be rich to travel! Budgets come in all sizes and so do vacations.

You won’t regret getting my knowledge and help - and you have nothing to lose!
Let me show you where you could go.... GOwithHIPPO!!!"

And remember,
Everywhere You GO, GOwithHIPPO Travel!"