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Kelly Stacey - Fort Saskatchewan, AB

**Call me at 1-844-469-4484 EXT 712

"All It Takes Is Faith, Trust And A Little Pixie Dust
{- Peter Pan"}....
....And a good Travel Advisor to help you plan your vacations.!
Travel has always been a passion of mine. I love every aspect of it. 

I can help you with all your travel needs. Just send me a message with your best email and let's make the magic happen.
"Let me do the planning, while you do the packing"

And remember,
Everywhere You GO, GOwithHIPPO Travel!"


1) NOTIF (No Obligation Trip Information Form) - CLICK HERE
 Used when inquiring about a trip, interested in more information

2) Client Information Form - CLICK HERE
Used for booking trips, this includes passenger info, passport info, payment information, etc

3) Payment Form - CLICK HERE
- Used specifically for taking payment, ONLY on a trip that is already booked (need Booking # in order to submit form)

4) Travel Insurance Waiver - CLICK HERE
- We offer Insurance on all trips but you can choose to waive coverage by filling out this form.