Everywhere you GO, GO with HIPPO Travel!

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I’m super excited to be a part of the Go With Hippo Travel family. I love travelling and exploring new places with my husband and two kids. A few of our favourite destinations are Hawaii, New York City, and Disneyland!
A bit of history about me… in the past, I had the fantastic opportunity of working with WestJet as a Customer Service Representative and then moved into a Flight Attendant role with Swoop before Covid struck. I had great times working in the airline industry, and it reaffirmed how many beautiful places the world has for us to explore. 
I’m so glad the world is transitioning back to “normal,” and I look forward to travelling and creating more amazing memories. Let me help you explore and create lasting memories too!
And remember,
Everywhere You GO, GOwithHIPPO Travel!"

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